Coronavirus: The Basic Dance Steps Everybody Can Follow

Part 2 of Coronavirus: Learning How to Dance

Source: Sneezing and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Journal of the American Medical Association


Detail of every country’s measures, thanks to Mask4All team

The Science of How the Coronavirus Spreads

This video illustrates droplet clouds, and how they can move much farther than 2 meters without falling
This video illustrates research done around droplets, droplet clouds, and how they might infect people
Researchers measured the velocity of coughs. Even a meter away from the mouth, droplets in the center of the cough cloud are moving at about a meter per second (green). These speeds suggest keeping six feet distance from other people may not be enough to prevent the virus from spreading in a cough.
Source: screenshot from one of the previous videos, showing a droplet cloud
Note: This is just one measure of whether masks work or not. There are many more measures. For a much more thorough review, see the paper:
Source: LaVision

Everybody should wear a home-made mask: You can infect other people before you know you’re sick.

Note: don’t use vacuum cleaner bags. They can release tiny glass shards that you can later inhale.

Physical Distancing, Hygiene, and Public Education

Feature on social distancing measures in Nanjing from foreign reporters
Extracted from the previous video. Source: Coronavirus: From 93 infected to 0, what did this Chinese City do to contain the virus?
Source: Madeline Marshall/Nicole Finateri/Vox
Children’s television I China has become awash with social distancing messages like this one, causing a child of the author to declare in recent weeks, “I hate these new commercials.” PHOTO by Christopher Thomas. Via ThinkGlobalHealth.
Tweet from Bob Wachter, of the UCSF hospital system, one of the best in the world, showing the huge spike in healthcare video visits that they have received since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Over half of their visits are now remote.

Temperature Checks?


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