How to Fight Ocean Plastic

Tomas Pueyo
15 min readOct 30, 2021

Today, thousands of creators led by Mr Beast and Mark Rober are banding together to focus on a single issue: ocean plastics. We’re raising awareness of the problem and money to solve it. Because it’s a huge problem. You can help by reading this article, sharing it, and contributing.

Plastic is everywhere.
It’s in the food you eat.
It’s in the water you drink.
It’s in the air you breathe.
And not just a bit.
You eat a credit card’s worth of plastic a week.
Your body is replete with it.
How does it affect you? We know nothing.
It might make you sterile or accelerate puberty.
It might give you cancer or make you obese.
And a lot of it comes from plastic at sea.
Millions of tons of it, killing millions of birds and fish.

Here’s a rundown of where it comes from and where it goes, how it kills animals, how it ends up in your gut, and what you can do about it.

A Sea of Plastic

Every body of water on earth is loaded with plastic.

This is a dying Bryde’s Whale (30s video). It had too much plastic in its stomach.

Millions of birds also perish, their stomachs full of plastic.



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