Starship Will Change Humanity Soon

Tomas Pueyo
9 min readApr 28, 2023

This is SpaceX’s new rocket: Starship.


It launched last week.

It did explode four minutes in:

But SpaceX will make it work. And when it does, what will matter is that it’s humongous.


It can carry so much payload to space that it will change the economics of space.

This will change civilization.

But we haven’t yet grasped how this will change civilization, both in space and on Earth. So let’s grasp it.

1. The Exponential Drop in Space Transportation Costs

In the last few years, the number of objects launched to space has skyrocketed.

In space, we mainly send things to Low-Earth Orbit, or LEO, the green area below:

I always had a hard time remembering that LEO stands for Low-Earth Orbit. Now I imagine a lion orbiting the Earth, and that did the trick.

We can send all these objects to LEO thanks to SpaceX’s reusable rockets. Each one of them can launch payloads to space dozens of times.



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