Why Nuclear Is Amazing

Tomas Pueyo
41 min readJan 19, 2024

This article will convince you of that nuclear is an amazing source of energy. Don’t read it if you need your mind to remain anti-nuclear. If you are against nuclear, I recommend you to precisely write down your concerns and what it would take for you to be convinced that nuclear is great, otherwise you might move the goalposts subconsciously.

Nuclear reactors around the world. Source.

Nuclear energy is having a renaissance around the world: New reactors are under construction or in advanced planning in over 20 countries, including key ones like China, Japan, India, the UK, France, Russia, the US… At the UN’s COP28 climate change conference, many of these countries signed up to triple global nuclear energy capacity by 2050.

Why? Because people support nuclear energy in most countries:

And that support is growing:

Why so much support?

Nuclear is the best type of energy across every factor that matters: safety, environment, sustainability, reliability, politics, and economics.

Then why is it so polemic? Because understanding these aspects requires so much detail that they appear complex. In this article, you will learn all the details of why nuclear energy is the best.4 It boils down to this:

1. Safety & Health

Nuclear seems unsafe and risky because accidents appear monumental and the danger is invisible. It awakens a primeval fear in humans, like plane crashes. But when you measure actual safety, it turns out nuclear energy is among the safest sources of electricity.

Lowest Deaths per TWh

The best way to measure safety is by deaths per unit of energy (eg, deaths/TWh). What we get…



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